Wednesday, June 29, 2011


OMG....what have they started......

The Weeknd

I'm awake. Very groggy and slow. It's my second day and all of my energy is drained. Fibroids on the road kick my ass. Thank God for Chris Psaila and my Mexican Iboprofeno. I've had several. Staying ahead of the pain. Unfortunately I'm so sluggish and tired. I can't even get up to go to the Nike Employee Store. I hope everyone says no and would rather sleep too.


Wanna know the BEST thing about opening? Leaving by 930pm...soooo sweet. It's making my day. Why I can even go OUT to dinner or something like that with some friends in town. FRIENDS! One quick sweep to the merch I can tattle tale and more importantly, count my chippers....


It's amazeballs. I'm going to paint Portland FANtastic!

Gavin DeGraw - Not Over You

I need me a little young white boy to manage.....and then I need one to put on stage too.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mo Jobs Mo problems

Let me tell you a little bit about this thing called "ambition"...... He is a double- edged sword and invites all types of shit just when you think youve reached your master plan. I can't believe how much harder Managment is. I don't think its harder because anything has necessarily changed other than I'm knocking the he'll out of 40 and don't much feel like being bothered by the shit I put up with when I was 28. Bizarre. I have the reigns in my hand actually....and yet, I keep trying to throw them elsewhere. NOW all of a sudden I want LESS responsibility. Fat chance. Be careful what you wish for!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Roots Picnic Philly

So glad to be on a plane to Philly. My 36 hour turnover will be fast and furious and too much fun. 200 guests vying to be Black Thought and ?uests "remember when" homies. Fomer babies who are now 9 and 10 and in that slightly ugly missing tooth phase yet I will still kiss them, will be there. Head wraps paying homage , rather holding on to dear life, to the neo soul era. And the fabulous fabulous Roots crew. My boos. And the Ofays who love them. I'll be skinnier and barren than everyone and they will talk shit about me in a ghetroest Philly homegirls will come in the event that something jumps off and nothing will. It will be hot and sticky and I will run around with said kids while said mothers watch and will feed them sno cones and cotton candy until they are sick and laughing and tired and given me all of their delicious kisses. And then I will send them home.

Can't wait!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

I couldn't find a link fresh enough that didn't seem like a trailer, however, the premise of this movie is everything. I think I absolutely love the idea of erasing your memory of painful ordeals that have happened. Just to have a fresh start. Think of all the luggage it would remove! Or maybe people could risk more because they could simply forget about it if all else failed. I'm calling my chemist friend to see if this can be done. I'm sure it can. And then I'm on a fast train to no baggage land!