Tuesday, August 21, 2012


So I haven't written in awhile.  It's Foxy Roxy's birthday.  My birthday was a week or two ago and well...I haven't written because I wasn't ready to admit my age.  What if I want to lie about it in the future?  So yeah.  I just joined the club.  And until I'm fully ready to be bout it I've decided to put Roxy on blast instead.  Fine as shit.  22 year old kid.  45 and fly.  Telling me how I need to leave these City Slickers alone and get a country man to put a baby in me.  She's hilarious.

Night 3 of the D show and I am thrilled to say that this show jumped OFF.  D was in good spirits and the Boston crown was ROCKING.  Did the damn thing.  In fact I love them and want to put them on the bus and take them with us.

And I love Mary.  I don't care.  She does no wrong.  She has quite the catalogue so she could have about 4 hours worth of music.

My bday was filled with wine in Napa and song in Inglewood.  My favorite spot...the Market Street Bar and Grill....amazing good time with good friends.  I wish I remembered who was there but I was far too drunk by the end of the night.  

This blog is all over the place.  I'll get it together tomorrow.