Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Sisters Porch

There is a symphony of crickets. Some frogs, I think. cicadas! Many other insects that make noise by ribbing their legs together. The air is thick - humid is an understatement. This type of beauty on the porch of this home from the 40s is priceless. I'm proud of my big sisters home. It's beautiful. I have to refrain myself from my DIY ways.

3 gimlets later my eyes are playing tricks on me. However, I'm glad that I got out.d

Friday, July 15, 2011

the Big Easy

Why is the Big Easy so amazingly sexy and cool? Like every step in the Quarter leads to whoredom...or wanton whoredom or ....hey, you need some whoredom? It's amazing.
And WHY can you gamble all night long?
and why is there absinthe? Strange musicians from other lands?
music in the streets?
Why is New Orleans and it's architecture EVERYTHING?

I can't stop loving it. I just do.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DFW terminal D

I had a pleasant arrival yesterday morning into Terminal D. It was sparkly and shiny and lavender greeted me from the L'Occitane shoppe. Nothing special. Just a wine bar and lavender is enough to get me going. Add to it the shiny art installations and quick baggage claim and VOILA! You've got a solid airport terminal my friend. I realize this may be a who cares moment...but in fact you should care. You see, American's hub is Dallas airport. Add to it that all of your connections to South America go through there (if you're coming from the west) and you will indeed use this terminal more often than not. You can pick up your last minute best buy goods, Rosetta stone (no shit, I lost my Rosetta Stone headphones in Mexico and as I was CONNECTING in Dallas, BONG, Hooked myself up!). Don't sleep on Terminal D.

The Carrie Diaries

And just when I couldn't get enough of Sex And the City, I is discover the "Carrie Diaries". It's basically Carrie in high school and it reads like a Judy Blume novel. Super cute and interesting since it talks about her mother and father, something the tv show never did. I don't know. I'm searching for entertainment here people. I read Steve Harvey's book too....and the script. And the Django script...and my cityville town is HUGE....I'm so busy around my busy!


Its a pretty good show. Even though it's in HD and Regina Kings make up covering her skin is distracting. I hate that about HD. I think HD was created by the beauty industry....so that you can reveal blemishes on tv, all the more making us all rush to the store to get our $400 creams. I be right there in line too. hoodwinked like the rest of them.

I also like that they bleep out the curse words. Well, they say shit but bleep out fuck. That's pretty cool. And all the women are ethnic and go hard and talk about how wack it is that serial killers are treating women like less than nothing.

It's a good show. Me likey.

tomorrow is a new day

What a gift to be able to go to sleep and wake up again. Especially after a fricken...oh, 20 hour day? I am WORN OUT...chile.....I mean WORN. Tonight I saw a man get so excited during the last song that he literally fell over the rail and onto the floor. He was in the 1st row elevated. Poor thing. I was worried that he'd broken his neck but he jumped right up, embarrassed, and went back to his seat - which was a perfect time for me to laugh my ass off. Til The World Ends is a hit...no doubt. And when the guest star opening act joins in? All bets are off. She KILLS it. I mean the crowd going wild is an understatement. It's super fun.

And back into this lovely bed and not a bus. I'm so grateful for it and the honey roasted peanuts in the mini bar...no no, I don't need a beer. Cranberry juice will be enough....and pop chips....and...no, nothing else. Cashews...ppft. What I wouldn't do for a slim jim.

What a lively 48 hours. I hope talent is late as hell tomorrow and doesn't want to leave until the last minute...damn the over drives!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I still can't get past it. Because it still sucks. I don't care if it was senseless or if they were old. I remember in grad school we read "Loves Executioner" by Yalom. The first page is about how all psychosis stems from denying death. I think it's true. People spend all of their time trying to fight and or avoid the inevitable rather than accept it. It's painful but is what it is. My condolences barb.

Friday, July 1, 2011

So I met a Cuban

Vancouver is cold as shit. Bullshit summer per the locals. Great mix of people here. French and Cubans and Japanese and a Kenyan/Guineans. We met in a "cafe". Reminded me of the Roots in Amsterdam and all over the world really in a simpler time of no streaming songs and scary leaks and paranoia all over the land. This tour may get more fun. Donyale is my new ace so at least I have a playmate. I do have to study to get into my west indian character for my new feature. THATS exciting....and working on Fall touring...now THAT...is going to be Epic. Can't wait.

Hopefully I can find that door on Cambie street tonight.