Saturday, October 24, 2009

Does Anyone Know why?

On youtube, all of Jody Watley's video's have been "disabled upon request"? It's really fucking annoying... here I am, bleeding my heart out, and cannot even share some of Watley's greatest hits.

Fucking annoying.

please link

It's really a shame we cannot enjoy this together.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Last Days in New Zealand

The beauty of my gig, and the beauty of being single and the beauty of not having kids, is that more often than not, I can jump away for a couple of days, ride a wave I had no business being on even if it is the longest left, and just chill with no cell service and no blackberry messenger. Nada. A tub on a cliff, an incredible wave about to devour my amateur ass, the New Zealand Bush, good friends/people and a trifle o' bootay, all adds up to a pretty damn humbling experience.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I love how bitch ass abusers are. They only abuse people who will allow them to abuse them. It's hysterically ironic. You're so big and bad. Telling someone how they aren't tough. I thought you were tough. Or whatever. And the people who are tough, you'd never say no bullshit like that. Talk shit to me abusive motherfucker.



Last Dance.....

Last chance for loooove.....
yes it's our last dance....romance....tooo niiiiight

I love the last day of tour.
Wine tasting on the lovely Waiheke Isle.
Spending all the money you didn't spend while on tour on cheesy gifts - Koala Bears, kangaroo stamps.

Stupid dumb fun.

And then there's the receipts.

I fricken hate doing receipts. Except once you actually do them, you wonder why you procrastinated so much in the first place. They are not such a big deal. But whatevs.

Tonights show will be great. Despite the ignoramous Kiwi who told me how stupid Americans were and how we didn't think for ourselves and shit because I didn't want to do a wine tour with him. I thought I was going to get arrested. Fucker.

It's time to set up the pranks.

Will let you know soon.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

passive/aggressive and other great evils

I'm wondering when confrontation became a bad word. People don't like to be uncomfortable so instead they create a giant vortex of bullshit, smouldering to almost the breaking point. And at the breaking point the silence , the passive part, is so deadly you can fall apart on impact. A friend of mine once told me "niggas don't like to be told that they niggas all the time." Another friend told me, "my girl is my girl because she falls back. I'm no good, but whatever, I never have to hear it." For real? That's how we have to walk through life huh? Allowing motherfuckers to say and do anything they want and they don't get to be accountable? Awesome. There is no way that the God, the awesome God I believe in, could have possibly put me on this earth to endure some dumb ass shit. Its a Commandment people! "Do Unto Others as you would have then do unto you.". That's not cryptic, doesn't carry any idolatry message, no devil worship or Christian cult. Its good old fashioned common sense that clearly aint so common.

So to the fools in power, genre-wise, I ask just one thing of you...please...
.STEP YOUR DICK UP! (And yes. Its a challenge you limp dicke mutheafucks).

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Haves and Have Nots

Where does it say that people aren't to be treated the way you want them to treat you? Caste systems and class issues are so fucking bogus it drives me nuts. I'm on edge. I think my time at this type of work is coming to an end. Truly. I wish I could see the type of damage stress does to your heart. I'd like to know what mine looks like right now.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Balls the Size of Adelaide

1. old friend who popped into my life as an inspiring vessel disappears off the planet and doesn't speak to me or even say, "i gotta disappear" and hopes that my surgery went well....all on Facebook. Isn't that equivalent to breaking up with someone on a post-it?

2. Just realized that douche-oldie-but-goodie came to my hotel bar and had me come downstairs and was with his ex...

3. people not realizing that the Peas are actually a black group and walk around using the word "nigger" like it's all good.

4. Ari Gold's wife investing all of the money into his career.

5. My French girlfriend who does the same thing for her Frenchy pompous bossy husband.

6. Stylists who keep us at an impasse because she refuses to have a 5 hour lay over.

7. Australians.

8. The music industry

9. 24 year olds who date every 35 and over woman on Twitter

10. And know who you are.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sell out or Sell In

I don't know how to cope with politics.
I truly don't. I'm talking about treatment of human beings and common decency.
Shit is so wack. And it sucks to be held hostage into some dumb shit over a paycheck.

I don't want to do that.
It's toxic.

I know that the music industry is cutthroat and shit, but my goodness. We are among devils. Loyalty is not even a picture. To the point that loyalty becomes something stupid people do, or broke people do, or whatever. AND i'm not getting my rate. It just adds insult to injury. It truly does.

This is some dirty ass shit.

Friday, October 2, 2009


I can't decide if they are cute or butt ass ugly.
The women are really frail and have crazy teeth and then some of the women are JUICY , like Shyree, the stewardess on the plane today. JUI-CY.
Then all of the dates of the men here....frail - like with skeleton features with blonde hair and no lips but lots of red lipstick on their...I dunno what you call that place below your nose and above your chin if you have no lips.

And then the men are fine with weathered skin. But I can't tell if they are gay or not.

I must go out and investigate tonight. Or maybe I shouldn't. Maybe my sick ass should go to bed and avoid the crowds until tomorrow night....hmmmm.

But the party is at a CASINO!!! You know how I love casinos.

I'm Sick

They were giving out flu shots yesterday and I had the NERVE to say no. Like on some conspiracy theory shit about flu epidemics and being in a foreign country. How dare I. And now look at me. I've had a head ache since 3am. I've taken wellness formula, juice after juice, soup, cold medicine. Tonight is the Sydney show. Donna Karan and perhaps my future baby daddy Richard Branson are coming and I have no desire to lift a finger. Let alone type out a blog. But I have to work. if I don't NOTHING will get done. I swear, NOTHING. I'm working triple time out here for less. it's times like these you wonder why you do what you do. I hare being sick. I'm nauseous too. Sucks to be me right now.