Friday, January 22, 2010

Cote d'Azur

So we're doing this big radio award show - NRJ's mostly like , I suppose, the MTV Awards. The Peas, Jay-Z, Pharrell. It's happening the same time as Midem and all we can seem to talk about is raising money for Haiti..who by the way, per the french newspaper Le Monde has close to a billion euros in donations. A billion. So they got close to a billion, I'm standing around millionaires, hanging with my girl who I have know from here for 15 years, and my business manager texts me the most heinous shit ever about my finances. So, I'm ready to curl into a ball and start I'm broke. I'm not going to make it. What the fuck is wrong with me. Blah blah blah. And I talk to my consigliere who reminds me..

"yeah bitch. you are the risk taker. Stop buying into lack and limitation that people are selling. I know there are certain realities but folks' outlook is very negative and they make no effort to finesse that shit. You love France and you job. Enjoy them both. God is soooo good and as long as we are creative and grateful we continue experience love and peace for real. Let the Universe know you have faith by not falling into that trap."

And then my phone died. And I am so grateful for her. I am so grateful to have friends (and a mother) who believes in my crazy ass shit. I'm a coocoo bird. This I know. And I lead by the seat of my pants with no real intention of turning it around. And that's okay. I cannot imagine a life or even having the luxury, of being able to talk shit about what people don't do or need to do or have a bevy of advisors to tell me what to do, all the while not having an original thought in my head. No risk. No risk? What the fuck is the point if you don't take risks in what you do? I so admire actors and singers who balls against the wall will work retail or a restaurant or whatever, fuck it, nothing, in order to pursue what they want in life. Or rather, the fact that they know what they want and actually have an attainable goal. It's so easy to call shots from the sidelines/pedestal - whatever entitled people prefer to call it -- and talk shiiiiiit....OOH the shit talking is amazing. All that learning and knowing and no goals. Fuck not having a goal. Fuck not taking a risk.

In the words of Will.I.Am,

Imma be the upgraded new nigaro
Imma be the average brother with soul
imma be worldwide international
imma be in Rio rockin' Tokyo

Imma be brilliant
with my millions
loan a trillion
and get back a billion

Monday, January 18, 2010



The waves this past week have been epic. Truly something not seen in California in ...I don't know, I ain't never seen no shit like that before and the surfers have hailed it as "epic" so that must be what it is. I don't know why I thought I was going anywhere. I guess I just like to drive around town with a surfboard on my roof. Waves move to 20 feet also.

Which leads me to rehearsals. In Inglewood. I hadn't been to the SC in some time. I exited Manchester to take the scenic route and was not disappointed. Did you know that there's gas station at Hoover and Manchester that is also a 24 hour beauty supply? I shit you not. It was....well, brilliant. Mostly because I can't even make this stuff up!. AND they only sell one type of gas....87. regular unleaded.
That's it.

Moving right along to Inglewood where half of the parking lost was used for a church. Today it was Ethipion followed closely by the Biker Boys and the Inglewood High marching band warming up for tomorrow's parade.

Speaking of parades, my assistant paraded down Manchester @ Normandie to the only Louisianna Fried Chicken open. For chicken and gumbo. they have a 5 star rating....regardless of being in the hood.

Then it all got shot to legs got weak and now I'm taking Bendydryl. So I'm in bed. I think the world has beat my ass. and I need to go to bed.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


My first crush was Teddy Pendergrass. Mostly because my mother and her girlfriends use to cat call Friday evenings while drinking boxed chablis.

He was such a MANLY MAN....sigh. Oh Teddy.....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Years Un-Resolutions....

I haven't worked, had sex nor surfed yet in 2010. And I'm okay with all of that.
I had a showdown at my house last evening....rather, a gang fight. Inglewood girls. Sheesh.
Problem was I had a nice, cute, young, slightly square white fellow who I was trying to get to know, when all of a sudden I got who-rided on by my inglewood friends. A fight ensued....weave hair throw everywhere. I knew I shouldn't have said I was cooking fried chicken on Facebook.

I've worked out the for the last day. I've wine-tasted. And now I'm sitting in my back yard drinking bloody mary's. The year has started off just fine. Proving only to get better. My new goal? To buy a small vineyard in the South of France with a few investor friends. I think it could happen. And the sooner I spread the word, the sooner the Universe will provide me with all the tools I need to drop a million Euros on my prime find. It will be close to the water, no doubt and in mountains. I'll probably still have to travel North to surf, which may be okay. Perhaps the vineyard will afford me the ability to buy a small cabin near Biarritz. Opportunity is limitless.

I love the New Year. I love getting hyped. I love starting anew or continuing to newer. it's a strange perspective I know. It's the only one I got.