Friday, January 28, 2011


My cousin has this thing he calls "BEAST MODE". He's a ballplayer. He's super focused. And when it's that time right before spring training, he goes into "Beast Mode"....meaning.....he summons all of his strength and discipline and gets on his game. He works out, he stops drinking, he leaves the girls alone, and he goes into "Beast Mode". This happens to me when I get attacked by hate. I have sung this song before. "Oh it's so hard...oh people are so mean, oh....blah blah blah." Some people have husbands to talk to about this. Some people can sit and collapse in their arms and SOMEONE will tell them it will be okay. Thank God I have friends who know me. Because when I do go into Beast isn't pretty. All of the armor comes up and I protect myself. Hard. Like Harder than ever. I have people literally trying to take my job...daily. From every turn. I have people I once trusted everything with "too afraid to talk to me" because....God only knows...oh yes, I'm mean and berate people and am condescending. I'm not sure which came first...the chicken or the bitch. I do know that I'm actually too nice. I bring on friends who may or may not be qualified to do anything for me, but I do it, get sucked in, and next thing you know I'm out of cash and out of my mind. Well no more. I am accepting of my bitchness. Why, cuz everyone else is going to sit around and talk about how fucked up shit is and I'm actually going to do something about it. I HAVE to do it. I HAVE to fight people off of me and I HAVE to be and stay in the zone because of the sharks who are out there. It's the people who wouldn't dare take the risks I take that talk the most shit any ways. Fuckers. So I no longer have time to mix business with pleasure. It is a distraction. it takes me out of the zone....the zone I need to stay in to fight said sharks. If God, Yuv and Bo Diebel are the last friends I have on earth because I'm such a bitch then so be it. At least I know they love me for who I am. Beast mode. In it. Rocking it. I'mma make a tshirt.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1st post of 2011

I love how New Year makes you feel. It's like the Monday on steroids! For a productive girl, New Years is like coke. Up in the morning, to do lists 4 pages long, and the drip? Counting each one off until you fall into bed at 830pm! I believe, however, the first week lends it's lack of stress to the fact that people are still on vacation and just now gearing up. Getting people to move is a trial. Hell, getting people to take their Christmas trees down is hard enough! But my list of resolutions/goals is so long, it's going to be hard to get me to focus on one at a time. It makes me beyond excited. I'm up at 5am translating "Monster" into French. Why? Cause I can niggas!

1. Master the art of "patience"
2. Buy my mom the house of her dreams
3. Love without reservation or fear
4. Collect my grandfathers entire discography and own it.
5. Produce a concert with Maxwell and D'Angelo like Sam Cooke and Jackie Wilson.
6. Play "Whatcha gonna do for me?" by Chaka Khan on bass guitar.
7. Produce a film about slavery in Brazil
8. Produce my script (and finish writing it)
9. speak Portuguese fluently
10. See Machu Pichu with my grandmother

So these are the 10 things I want to do before I die....but that don't mean I can't get started on them all this year. Prosperity and enrichment people! That's what the new year is all about for me! Let's focus and get on the grind. Weed out all of the people who want shit too easy. They are lazy and will be leeching off of your energy and motivation. NOTHING worthwhile is easy. Don't get it twisted.

Happy New Year!