Friday, April 27, 2012

FOXXHOLE and ZO Williams _ Bitch Craft

This was the first time I've even listened to this talk show.  And I have to say I am impressed that there is dialogue happening in this setting.  Impressed and surprised.  I'm so proud of these young folks...I sound like a grandma...we have such access.  I am excited about the attempt to have positive dialogue.

The conversation though....left a little less than desired.  I wish there were more representations of women in was kind of beating the obvious dead horse.  Would be nice to have less commercial interruptions so that folks can complete a thought.  It's a bit rushed and I believe it's a longer conversation than what was allotted but a great start.  The woman studies student should have been on the SHOW...what was her name "Charisma".  Yes...on name alone.  She was speaking truths though.

The topic?  Why women are such bitches.  Yet another discussion about women being too bitchy and the fall of gender roles due to the feminist movement.  Zzzzzzzz.  Everytime I hear a man say that it's like hearing the term "reverse racism".  Like..."see if yawl didn't want so much freedom I'd open the door for you!" [enter shuck and jive].  Get the fuck out of here.  I'm going to punish you for your ambition?  I should have called in.  The dynamic is so very Toussaint L'Overture....  Yawl niggas wanna fight back?  Cool.  I'll put a gate up between you and the other folks on the same land and create poverty and despair to your people.  A pox on you for wanting freedom!"  Thus goes the male story of women and power and their obvious lack of it.  Please.  I IMPLORE YOU....BE POWERFUL.  Take it.  TAKE IT....I digress.  So annoying.   I have a multitude to say about that...
However thank you Jamie Foxx for providing a space to talk and thank you Zo Williams for your bravery and follow through.  Sirius 98.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Entrapment and other ways to get a man

So after watching "Think Like A Man" the other day, I was wondering...well trying to remember, if the book gave healthy pointers on entrapment.  You know...the old...."guess what I'm pregnant and now we can be a happy family ...right?"  It cracks me up.  I'm learning day by day some of the fundamental things that the women's movement took away from we career-oriented women.  And it's not ALL of no means of course.  Excuse my generalization.  But truly....our parent's ....grandparents, and maybe or clearly from a lack of their own understanding .... failed to teach us about love.  "Love is patient, love is kind...."  Stop right there.  Cuz truly, if you ain't doing NONE of that....well, you've missed the 1st 2 steps of love.  Tolerating bullshit is different from being patient.  Bullshit is judgment and judgment gets in the way of all sorts of good stuff.  People spend YEARS to develop strong, idealized relationships.  The patience it requires....I have ASTOUNDING.  I do know that sometimes....just sometimes, we ...I...let me speak in I statements, think I can bully our way into having something we want.  Like we have this plan in our head and if we don't make the NEXT nigga we've chosen into that plan he's no good.

My boss told me...."falling in love" is kind of weird the way we go about it.
"We say shit like "I'm looking to get married....or I'm looking for my husband"...and the NEXT person we see is just it....vs ....I've been seeing someone and THAT person makes me want to be a better person and so I want to marry THAT person.  It's a different spin."

And a backwards spin at that.  Like, you have so much expectation you've lauded onto that one person that when they fuck up...and they will...we are all human, you leave no room for them to improve or get better or to even KNOW THAT YOU DONT LIKE SOMETHING...because "they should just know".  What kind of bullshit trap is that?  You will be disappointed in this life time and time again.  But the reactionary stance is so anti-love I just don't know how I was trapped in that for so long.  Ladies, it's a waste of fucking time.  Please.  Remember when you judge someone about something they are doing, you will be met with that judgment too.  And my biggest fear is that someone isn't going to see that my bullshit is just that....bullshit.   I want someone to love me past that....I do a good enough job beating myself up.  Everyone deserves better.

Monday, April 23, 2012

MADEA GETS A JOB's no secret to my Boughetto homies that I am a fan of Tyler Perry.  Like my boy says, unless you hiring more black folks than Lil Wayne or Tyler Perry, shut the fuck up.  I had a perfect seat thanks to the keyboardist and homie, star treatment thanks to my former security -turned-tour manager, Terrill, and even enjoyed a delicious salad and water for $13 in my seat.  I love the theater.  I didn't realize Tyler Perry would actually be there.  Duh.  Who else would play Madea?  But I just realized it.  And it was amaze-balls.  It was guud and terrble.  Like it required a whole nother act that was missing.  Madea always has great lessons and spirituality.  And then during the curtain call, all came out in their newly fluffed front laces, black sparkly gowns, Tyler Perry out of drag, and rolled the band out for a 20 minute set of Tyler's favorite songs with high notes in them.  Sadly there was no playbill in that sold out Nokia Theater...which was a disservice for theater goers everywhere!  Oh...did I mention he had two IMAG screens up in which he showed the Tyler Perry Home Theater collection as well as his trailer for his summer hit...Madea Undercover....or some shit where she starts working for the CIA.  Love his marketing of himself, Jesus, and Cheryl Pepsi Riley!  Long Live Tyler Perry!

Hologram - Yacht Busters

I can't get over how people do anything for a private jet or a yacht.  WTF is up with that hologram shit?  I am not with it one bit.  I know I jest when I say "it's the devil"...but it's kinda sooth-sayerish no?  Like, did you ASK Tupac if he wanted to come back to life in 90's clothing?  And "amazing"?  He was too tall.  It was someone else dancing with his head on it.  And now that mofo is going on tour?!  OMG....That should be kinda cool though to tour manage it....except I don't want to tour manage.  So ...yeah...Tower of Babylon in full effect.  I'm sure there will be Bob Marley, Biggie Smalls and Marilyn Monroe tours next.  This is worse than Hollywood remakes.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trust Factor

I think that the worst thing in the world is to not trust someone.  When you lose simply drives you coocoo.  It's not good for anyone.  Particularly for yourself and your crazy ways.  Makes you further apart from said person if maybe the craziness is in your head and makes you fucking so looney tunes that well....shitballs who wants to be crazy?  I hate being crazy.  I don't know what's worse, the actual taking advantage of or the not trusting?  since you feel bad either way....maybe there should be no not trusting since the taking advantage of will reveal itself?  I dunno.  I know shit's fucked up though.  When I watch people go through it I have all types of advice.  Here its like...I dunno....fuck people altogether.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

before i let you go....

blackstreet....they listen to that here.  sounds great in a spanish accent....


Dominican Republic.   We are literally on a plantation.  In our search for las gentes de las isla, I have had to use the worst Spanish ever.  I'm surprised at how much I know and don't know.  It's foul.  And yet folks still think it's muy bueno.  I dunno, maybe their English is just that bad.  Thing is....I'm in slight turmoil.  Sure I'm the new dominican hottie on the spot for now....but I don't know what I want to do.  It's not 2010.  This is not the last whorerah....and yet my new rotation gave me nada prior to my departure.  It's stuck in my head and I can't quite get over what to do?  Tina 2007 would have fucked half the island by now.  Tina 2012 is simply bored.  Though I did have us travel to a for real local spot (35 minutes away from this crap ass plantation) and I still liked no one but the girls.  and I thought being gay was illegal here....HA...bitches was on the stroll....but as I always say ....have strap on will travel....but no strap on....too much humiliation through customs.  So alas.....what or shall I say who to do? Lifeguard? bartender? chauffeur? These are my choices huh?  I gotta rent a car....

Monday, April 9, 2012


The bugs are driving me nuts.  My whole arm is eaten up. I forgot the Skin So Soft and we don't even have any off. I'm in a large villa.  Wonderful spot...NO NETS.  I mean this is the  Like they are beside themselves with the no nets thing.  We are surrounded by trees and salamanders and frogs and shit and no fricking net over the bed?  It's also too hot to wrap yourself up like a mummy which is what I'm going to do because my whole body is getting eaten up.  I think I'll go to sleep and wake up tomorrow....with bug killer....a new day.