Sunday, November 6, 2011


I'm leaving tomorrow.....
LA, here I come. My brief retreat from the West Coast has come to an end. It wasn't that brief. Running away from home is DEFINITELY all that it's cracked up to be. I mean you have space. You can see straight. Wherever you run to, there you are. Avoidance is pretty impossible. So being here, taking a break, having's pretty, well, it's pretty damn brave as a matta a fact. I am glad to have even had the opportunity to have a month a real one. One where I don't just have a baby and have to do it and then have post pardon or something like that. Yes indeed. I like my nervous breakdowns sans responsibilities! My mid-life crisis couldn't have come sooner! Whew. Boy ole howdy. I am so grateful. Thank you Jesus for my momma. And I thank you Bitches, for my money.

Lana Del Rey

First I tried to hold out for Iggy Azalea....but I heard nothing from them...and then that mixed tape I anxiously waited for was....flat. Hmmm. I had an idea but then , the crash of Autumn 2011 happened and my interest went flat with it. But now....another white girl fixation.

Good listenin. Creamy white girls and red lips. They may be on to something.