Saturday, July 31, 2010


Is it me or is the gay pride parade following us? I didn't know they were so many different weekends and different places to be gay. And I also didn't realize how gay Toronto was. It's hard to actually assess the true gayness of the world when you live with gay men and work with same said gay men. I think I'm an anomoly, when really and truly...I think I'm just normal. Gay is just regular now. big gay deals or nothing. Toronto was deliciously gay filled fun with nude beaches and drag shows. I was a hit, what with being the embodiment of gayness. I was honored to attend and flash my itty bitties on the beach. A toast to grandpa who saw light in a young gay boy in the late 70's. Didn't turn out so well between the two personally, but wtf, it's the music industry!

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