Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So I made it through my birthday and I made it through the D'Angelo tour.  I cannot tell when my patience has been tried more.  Blogging has not been on the forefront of activities.  But as I slow down and take meeting after meeting with production company after production company, I realize it's time to make all that's old new...again.

Expanding your territory.  It's in the bible.  So lots of reading and affirmations and meditation and walks on the beach (reminds me it's 434pm...time to hit it) that I can sit at this desk and churn all of this stuff out.  I almost don't want to go to NYC this weekend because I know that will take me away from this desk.  It's hard to work in NYC.  Someone always wants to meet somewhere at some time.  Always something to do --- like ?uestlove's Brooklyn Bowl Prince throw down...."Bring D"!  Pressure.  Not only to go but to bring someone who don't go no where.  Doesn't sound like desk work.

Then Friday - Roots show - Portchester.  No big deal.  Easy.  Just no desk to do the rest on.

Saturday - EASY day - Pier 36.  Going to be fun it seems.  I don't think we go on until late so we have a long day.  But as I said before....focus ---- desks.  Parking.  Brooklyn, Harlem or South Orange.

I want sushi right now.  I can't overwhelm myself before I even get out of here.

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