Tuesday, February 26, 2013


There are some airports that have rental beds I believe.  I'm sure there could be some sort of ramifications from this eventually, but right now I'd take them all.  I know what you're thinking...."they're called 'hotels' Tina".  But 5 hours doesn't justify 150 GBP.  I'm going to have this same problem in a week for a crazy layover in Frankfurt -- that one is 11 hours.  I love LA but traveling to Europe or Africa from LA sucks balls.  I'm drinking luke warm tea and bad cabernet after a 10 hour flight and waiting for 5 hours to take another 10 hour flight.  I had such plans upon arrival to Dubai but I think the only plan I'm going to have is a bath.  My neck hurts, my backs sore.  This shit is awful.  I'm getting cabin fever just thinking about my upcoming 10 hour flight, though I usually knock out for at least 8 of that.

On the first leg there was a screaming child.  Toddler.  There were so many baby girls just enjoying the ride and then there was this screaming little boy who needed a whoopun.  I would have gladly obliged but I was in the window seat and couldn't get out fast enough to snatch his screaming ass up. I don't know why I was mad at him.  He was simply getting away with what I wanted to do.  I bet half the people on the plane wanted to scream like that little boy. 

But Alas, my phone works.  My client's interview will take place.  Everyone's bio has been sent to the producer and the 10 hours didn't affect business.  THAT'S what's important.  That and my left hip.  Sweet Jesus.

Now to find a rental shower so I can change my drawers....at least they let you take those on the plane.

I long for the weather of the desert....Equator or bust!

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  1. Make sure you take care of yourself. You don't want to end up sick!! xoxo