Friday, February 13, 2015


Two weeks of consistent working has caught up to me.  After what seemed like 30 Halsschmerzdragees to clear my weary painful baby throat, a shot of jager and some nyquil, I thought surely I'd wake up in Berlin ready to take on the world and my favorite to take away the pain of the day.... If you haven't been to Liquid Room in Berlin, you do not know what you are missing. hot slutty coed spas are right up my alley. So.  I said it.

Now sometimes tours are cushy and sometimes they are hard core.  This one is right in between.  Reigniting a project isn't always flashing lights and 5 star amenities.  We have a lot of experienced people on this tour who are "accustomed" to a certain way of bougie ass being the ring leader.  However we take it for the team....because we love love LOVE this music and the talent that pushes said music.  So we take an "L" here and there on hotels.  And I must say, the L was took this morning.  After finding boss man a new place, and I don't blame him, my nyquil decided that 1:15pm was the perfect time to take it's toll on my body.  And I mean I was DROOLING.  I kept waking up on the hour reminding myself of the hot dirty slut spa I wanted to go to...but to no avail.  My immune system kicked my Goodtime Girl ideology out the window and I had to settle for TK Maxx (yes I said "TK") and a few hands of blackjack at my favorite Berlin casino.  All them old daddies telling me what to do and how to play by German rules was just what I needed to take it to the NEXT outing.... 

Not to be IS Berlin Film Festival weekend and I DO have my platform suede thigh high boots....we had to pop bottles some where....somewhere CLOSED when we arrived.  Who has a club that is closed on Friday?  You tell me.  Back to the hotel we go where I found a Cuban friend to speak my cute broken Spanish with and then off to the Billiard Hall/Casino.  My dream place.  If I could build one of these on Crenshaw....let me tell you.  Billiards, Cards, slot machines , DARTS, electronic BOARD GAMES....AND 80's musica???  Are you fucking kidding me?  Chris Dave and them had to drag my interpretive dancing ass out of there at 3:24am.  And here I sit....still on the computer...wondering how to make tomorrow night half as good as tonight.  

Oh yeah...we have a show.

Til tomorrow.

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