Sunday, March 1, 2009

Start spreading the news....

Beautiful. 5 - 6 inches of fluffy white snow. Radiators that crank out heat at levels of "on" or "off". No in between. You enter from the freezing outdoors of 36 degrees to sweltering heat indoors. Crack a window that blows flurries of snowflakes in....overcast skies....and the inevitable sound of New York traffic.

I do love New York. Tis true.

Mostly because the Knickerbocker restaurant and all it's classic New Yorkness is right across the street. I can leave this fantastic apartment and walk across and have Sidecar and a steak (I gave up alcohol and hard liquor for Lent - a shame).

And I got to visit with my sister, the most beautiful girl in the world, at work at my favorite Tunisian restaurant - Cafe Noir.

I enjoyed my visit with my New York friends. I love them. The ambition and the spirit of ambition here really gets me hyped. Don't get me wrong, I LOOOOVE L.A. I'm probably the last true fan of it. But today, was a perfect Sunday. My best body allowed me to sleep at his house and I didn't even have to travel to Brooklyn. My best girl came over to pick me up. We all went to the country club we like to call the Knickerbocker across the street. I had a Sidecar...a Makers Mark Sidecar to be exact. Then 2 pitchers of Sangria. Then a taxi ride home and into the comfort of my buddy's warm home again. And now I'm watching Kanye West's Vh1 Storytellers.

My greatest shame in life is never to be able to see me perform on stage. So you will get a pleasure that I can never see in life.

---- Kanye West.

Damn I love that nigga. I really do. The more arrogant he is, the longer his shag gets, I love him that much more. Unstoppable. I ride for Kanye. I can't believe he's not a Leo. Vh1 Storytellers. That shit was great.

Tomorrow, the boys, The Roots, premiere with Jimmy Fallon on his show. I will be there to support. I love them. Please tune in. NBC. 12:30am.

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