Tuesday, May 5, 2009

High School Musical vs College Hill

To all of my dear white girlfriends who are caught up with these black boys. I understand it's different. Hell I'm a fan of interracial co-mingling. I think it makes the human race stronger. And I get that white girls are cooler and "less drama" than black girls...what with the emasculating thing and all. But really, how far are you gonna fall back? What does that require? My homeboy told me that his girl "rewards him for bad behavior". I can get down with that. At least he knows he's a douche. My problem is any woman feeling bad about herself over something some headtripper told her. I'm being racist. I've had my feelings hurt by a couple of white boys, so who the fuck am I to say. But some of the bullshit I hear? Be some black nigga 101. Yes I said it. That Goldy pimp ass shit that niggas take straight from movies and say to any one who will listen. Don't get me wrong, white girls ain't stupid. PUHLEASE, some of the BEST pimptresses is some white girls. I take note. But to my youngsters who do all that talking and shit, yawl need to get up on some black nigga game. Stop watching High School Musical and get with some College Hill. GET UP ON YOUR NIGGA GAME. You should not be sad and feeling no kinda way...bout nothing.

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