Thursday, September 30, 2010

CHANGES - Day 2 - 1st show

I think I move too fast.
Correction, I know I move fast. Too fast for who is the question?
I don't think you get to certain levels of success by taking it easy, calming your nerves or letting things take their course. I believe you push, rearrange, manipulate and basic move time and space go make shit happen. All types of shit. Shit you have been told "no" all your life too. Shit that people will continuously tell you "no" about. My job is to make it all a yes. Yes yes yes yes. It's the perfect job since I hate being told no. It's also a curse since I know I can make shit happen, I expect everyone else to as well. And the disappointment when they cant....well, let's just say I'd make a Jewish mother blush. How to work out this conundrum? I'll start by changing the name of this tour to the ......FIRST WHORERAH TOUR!!!!

yes ladies and gentlemen brought back by popular demand......too many complaints....can't let folks down.

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