Friday, November 5, 2010

1 month down...2 weeks to go

Last night , last show, ended in:

1. A new retard haircut that I already had but it's blonde and so everyone liked it but me. So what do I know? Cept I can't keep it because I have no hair grease.

2. me professing my undying love for a crew man. The finest man ever in the world. The Universe loves to laugh at me. Muito azarada.

3. The dancers begrudging me of my samba costume so i could perform the final dance in Sao Paulo....jelly trick ass tranny bitches. I had to roast them Debbie Allen style. Non listening attitudinal black girls. Attitude and Ass are from Africa. I think I heard someone suck they teeth but I'm not sure. It was about to be on...they lucky I don't have a vast vocabulary.

4. The Head Honcho asking me to change everything at the drop of a doing it, then being mad....when will I learn NOT to come through? HELLO???? That's the key. They blame you if you fuck up and keep pushing you if you don't. I think pushing = "thank you". More on this though later.

The coup d'etat? MY CELL PHONE GOT JACKED. I am an addict. I lost it. Curled up and went to bed. Didn't even kick it. Was nasty to my assistant. mean in general to the world. And I couldn't snap out of it. I was literally so damn mad, I don't know or recall being that mad before. ANd I realized that I have a nasty nasty ugly disgusting habit. I'm addicted to phone, work, contact, information....what in the hell is wrong with me? I'd rather be addicted to love, sex, surfing, .....but as you well know, I don't like to dream about getting paid.

So I've decided to become a porn Australia or Bali.

You see what withdraw does to you?

And thats my new bff Lilibeth who took me to get my Sao Paulo haircut. She wants a new photo.

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