Friday, November 19, 2010


I hate LA and I hate Melissa Rivers. She's ugly and has nerve. Who is she anyway? Her mother is FUNNY. She actually has a purpose and gig? Who the fuck is Melissa Rivers? They're all up in arms about Kelly Osborne on the cover of Shape magazine..."we're so proud of her. She doesn't naturally have a 'good' body." Who the fuck says that? Meanwhile I have countless artists losing their minds over weight, size, sagging skin, etc. And I get it, black don't crack. My shit is tight. To that I say so the fuck what, my hair doesn't grow past my shoulders - in fact its falling out on the computer keys as we speak, I don't have no titties, I have a gap on teh side of my teeth, and my booty is up on my back. DO think i'm losing my head over being fucking skinny and blonde? Man fuck this wack ass place. That party I went to the other night was the worst. The only good people there I was there with. So whatevs. Spikey hair and gel and dumb ass opening conversations. I know I'm a Brazil jocker, but I love my back fat. And I love that I have a cover up that opens slightly AT the back fat.

LA is trippin.

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