Saturday, February 19, 2011

Low lows and high Highs

Could it be that I am attracting bi-polar people into my life because I'm bi- polar? Or is this PMS? I'm waiting in my Armenian phone pro shop on Melrose and I want to bolt out of here so I can cry. Instead I'm surfing the web, reading the Tracey McMillan book and eavesdropping on the Pinoy workers in here. Not Tagalog I've decided as if I can identify all of the dialects of the Philippino language. I don't know if I am as sad as I am lonely. Looking for a new assistant has been trying. Rehashing what a bitch I am to people isn't the worst thing that can happen, however, quite the contrary. It's pretty cool. I may throw in a therapy session before I head out with Weezy et al. And yet, I don't know why I am this emotional other than the usual chick shit at which -cranky?, is getting played.

I'm sick. I need a brain rest. How do you do that? Buddhism?

No I don't want to go the All Star game. I want to sit on a couch in Inglewood, CA and eat chili dogs with cheese on them. I wish there was onions. I'm the only person I know with a ticket to the All Star game who'd rather watch it on a couch.

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  1. hang in there, t. pms is a b----. it just magnifies all the ish we suppress on a regular day. love ya!