Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DFW terminal D

I had a pleasant arrival yesterday morning into Terminal D. It was sparkly and shiny and lavender greeted me from the L'Occitane shoppe. Nothing special. Just a wine bar and lavender is enough to get me going. Add to it the shiny art installations and quick baggage claim and VOILA! You've got a solid airport terminal my friend. I realize this may be a who cares moment...but in fact you should care. You see, American's hub is Dallas airport. Add to it that all of your connections to South America go through there (if you're coming from the west) and you will indeed use this terminal more often than not. You can pick up your last minute best buy goods, Rosetta stone (no shit, I lost my Rosetta Stone headphones in Mexico and as I was CONNECTING in Dallas, BONG, Hooked myself up!). Don't sleep on Terminal D.

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