Wednesday, July 13, 2011

tomorrow is a new day

What a gift to be able to go to sleep and wake up again. Especially after a fricken...oh, 20 hour day? I am WORN OUT...chile.....I mean WORN. Tonight I saw a man get so excited during the last song that he literally fell over the rail and onto the floor. He was in the 1st row elevated. Poor thing. I was worried that he'd broken his neck but he jumped right up, embarrassed, and went back to his seat - which was a perfect time for me to laugh my ass off. Til The World Ends is a doubt. And when the guest star opening act joins in? All bets are off. She KILLS it. I mean the crowd going wild is an understatement. It's super fun.

And back into this lovely bed and not a bus. I'm so grateful for it and the honey roasted peanuts in the mini no, I don't need a beer. Cranberry juice will be enough....and pop, nothing else. Cashews...ppft. What I wouldn't do for a slim jim.

What a lively 48 hours. I hope talent is late as hell tomorrow and doesn't want to leave until the last minute...damn the over drives!

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