Monday, March 19, 2012


We wrapped last night.  I am so grateful to my girl for allowing me to  be apart of this project.  I've wanted to be a producer for as long as I knew there was such a thing.  It was recent.  Hell, I didn't even know what a tour manager did...not really, until I was thrown into it.  And now I know that there's a job where you can tell people what to do and make a big project happen and NOT go on the road?  I don't know.....I may have just found my 2nd life heaven.  I mean I produced and didn't even have to leave my house....not that that will happen all of the time, but it's nice.  I need to take a class just to be familiar.  There was so much to learn on set and I still have so much more to go.  I should date a DP....that's what I should do.  And then an audio dude.  Then maybe a production manager.  That's like a masters course.  I now know what needs to be done.....

Lance Reddick was amazing and kind and gentle.  I never even knew he smiled from the Wire and Fringe...turns out he does.  Jurnee Smollet is a big girl now.  WOW.  And she embodied her character and GAVE it...UP.  Seriously.  They both looked just like their characters.  And newcomer Tracey  I've been watching this process for two years now and am proud to say the kids got chops.  I can't wait to reveal this side of him as Jimi Hendrix.

My hairdresser Angie Crenshaw did the wigs.  Bomb.  My girl Tracie Rice from Good & Yummy threw down on the caterings....the love and support from all of our friends was overwhelming. 

This project was clearly out of much love.  Wow.  I still have chills about it.  I love you Nicole Jefferson Asher!!!!!  WE finna ride this one til the wheels fall off!


  1. These are DOPE behind the scene shots....can't wait to see more!

  2. Yaaaay! So proud of both of you!!