Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So we're doing this event to get our Pres another 4 years. They put us up in this hotel on Park Avenue. Full on secret service, bags checked prior to entry. No rooms ready yet, but they are kind. Escort me to the library for breakfast which is $22 for eggs and bacon. I'm sitting next to a couple...the woman's body knocks. She has o be 60. She used to be pretty. The ring on her finger costs more than my 2 houses combined I'm sure of it. She and her husband identify another couple. My couple man: "hi, do you remember me?" Lady: me out. My couple man: we were on that cruise Lady: which cruise. Her husband then comes around the corner... Husband: heeeey, I remember you...on that cruise. Lady: was it Barcelona? My couple man: yes Barcelona! Lady: your body is a knock out! have you been on any cruises since then? My couple Lady: no, but we canceled one. Husband: do you remember how that boat wasn't Too not up to par? My couple Man: I do. Husband: do you remember the name of it? My couple man: it's that one sitting on its side in the middle of the ocean. Husband: exactly! They all chortle. Who talks like that?! Where the hell am I? New York City. Park Avenue. The 60's. Ew.

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