Sunday, May 6, 2012


So my new homie Zo Williams had this full on convo with me about the way women have got to stop emasculating our men.  And I thought about it last night long and hard because I usually discount these sorts of conversations.  Emasculation to me is like Reverse Racism.  It just don't make sense.  Like only ONE type of person can be discriminated against or one person can be sexist but not anyone else.  But since the Supermoon was out and we were under it in the streets of Ladera Heights I was feeling compelled and forgiving and compassionate and shit....and I realized....all of the guys who came to the house sauf for a few randoms, came bearing gifts (alcohol, easy) paid their $5, and told me I had a beautiful home.  Seriously....there were maybe 4 who didn't.  Them little fast ass girls that came through who acted like they ain't neva had an ounce of home training?  THEM.....bucking their black girl eyes at me...not even looking for who's home it was....seriously?  Oh and the teeth sucking and eye rolling. It made me think...are we that bad?  There were high heeled shoes and lipgloss and poom poom shorts....although I should have paid more attention to that one, she was serving food to people without being asked.  I can use a big bootied food server on my team.  But I digress....there were a slew of wack ones....a SLEW.  All that sizing up and purse carrying....I do not miss that about my 20's.

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