Friday, June 1, 2012


Finally! Safari had this blocked  all up in Poland.  Warsaw was a bit was dreary and my room reeked of cigarettes.  And everything pretty much operated in some other time zone...I don't know.  And my jet leg this time around has been frighteningly like Japan.  Staying up until 8am.  Sleeping for 3 hours only.  My body is wrecked....truly.  As much as I want to keep going I may need to sit my ass down...ha.  when has that every happened?

I'm out with my good old friend Macy Gray.  I love building shows.  Coming here is like rehearsals for the summer tours.  It's the most creative time of the tour.  We try different set lists....different lighting patterns, make costumes, build sets.  It's the only time I'm NOT on auto pilot which at some point I've discovered ends up driving me bonkers.  I need stimulus.  Some sort of creativity otherwise Brussels and Warsaw end up looking like Buffalo and Cleveland to me.  And then I sound ungrateful and who needs that?

The hotel the promoter put us into was garbage so Talent and I walked door to door ....a la Tina Turner ... in the rain "if you please give us a room...I promise I will pay you back..."  Not that dramatic, but we did find a beautiful hotel that was once a bank and hosted the Solvay Conference where a bunch of smarty art chemists hung out, drank beer and talked chemistry....Albert Einstein, Marie was like 1911 Freaknik for smart folks.  In my dreams anyway.  Can you imagine...Madame Curie dolo with all them dudes?  Ballllllling!  Me and this piano bar will probably get it craacking tonight.

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