Thursday, July 10, 2014

Inglewood, USVI

Part 2 of my 3 week whirlwind has come to an end.  Just a few days on St. John's island, USVI, and I wondered, where do black people vacation?  Do African American's have an island that they all go to and create mediocre restaurants and fake pretend that they are down for the natives and then not allow them into certain establishments that don't pay into the infrastructure of the island?  Because we need to get on that shit if not.

St. John's has plenty of space to start our own Inglewood.  They have no good food restaurants.  We could gather the native brethren, open a spot, and start serving up hot sauce.  I don't think I even saw a bottle of hot sauce here.  All I saw was crazy gentrification of lower to middle class white folks chilling on an island that was emancipated in 1848.  Oh, and Kenny Chesney.

Not even a coconut water stand.
We are missing out on some prime beach space by going to Vegas every year and paying for R&B cruises, that's for sure.

But my peeps on the island have some plans.  I will brainstorm during this double connection to Lyon, France and come up with options so that all of my middle class homies have some places to bring their kids.  Blue warm water, coconuts and fish.  No more Hawaii.  No more damn Cabo.  Let's get some variety in our lives people!  We can start a cul de sac now!