Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Whirlwind of Rootness

The 4th of July was a blast.  That may be my favorite Roots project now.  All of my musician babies all growed up and all playing for every pop sensation out there.  It's great to have a music family.  I'm sure my grandfather is on some golf course in the sky laughing his ass off at the irony of how much his absentee -ness impacted my life.

Essence - however, was a crock of shit.  Over my last 10/15 years of this I guess, I've gone from Superlounges to mainstages over and over.  It's a big old pile of ratchetness in stereo.  I'll never go to Razools again...not even for fun.  But the point I was making before I thought about those tequila shooters is that Essence desperately needs a producer.  Like one who really understands the urban artist and all of their needs - particularly since every act has a band.  I swear to you I had this cutie pie UPN nigga as my talent liaison and the push and pull was ridiculous.  We got it straight, but I think his producer put him in a pretty yuck position.  It was like some Talent Producing 101 course about advances and shit....advance shmances....30 niggas was added to my set in the middle of the Dave Chappelle show, BET Experience and Philly's 4th, advancing went out the window ages ago.

However that shit went OFF....I love THE ROOTS PRESENT HIP HOP!  It's my favorite new series.  The side stage was the party.  The entourages of big boobied women was great.  Seeing Common on the stage again was special.  I miss seeing him rap....actory ass nigga.....Naughty always does there thing.  I never get tired of the Roots playing "Uptown Anthem".  Jazzy Jeff, Biz Markie - I still think we should have played the Wobble...but what do I know.  I still like YG.

But oh on the 7th day Lord!  When Sunday came....and I closed the last door to the last SUV....I truly believe the heavens rang out.  I was free.  Free to partake in some of the ratchetness good old New Orleans and the Essence festival had to offer.  So put on my too tight,  hot pink maxi dress, ate the last of my edible peanut brittle, and hit the skreets.  Mediocre brunch (never go to Royal House...ever), Razools (the height of Racheteria) on Bourbon, onto Emerils for dinner (eh....alright) and finally Harrahs casino.  That's right!  I took their money!  All of that AND I could back to bed for 11pm?  Chile...there's no stopping me.

Next up : St. John's USVI
Lyon, France
Vienne, France
Nice, France
Florence, Italy
Perugia, Italy

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