Sunday, February 22, 2009

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

I am so sick of people commenting on Chris Brown and Rihanna. No one knows anything. He turned himself in because he had to. But this absolute shit about there being no reason to hit a woman? That is some bullshit. Women wile out and put their fingers in men's face, push them, grab the steering wheel, kick and scream, talk about they dick size in public, etcetera etcetera. Men, too , are human. Don't put any extra expectations onto them that you wouldn't put on anyone else. It's awful to emasculate or push anyone to the point of no return, just to test them.

I am a victim of domestic abuse. I did not hit this man, or taunt him or do anything to him. He was just a big fat headed bully who had a naive, whimsical girl. So I am not unaware of the perils of domestic violence. I have, however, also been around a few black girls in my lifetime and we be wiling the fuck out. Really. Some men can walk away, some men are pushed. I just think that we need to let these children work this thing out and not in public. It's sad to try and judge Chris Brown with no facts. I think that TMZ photo is some bullshit. I think the statements are so vague that there is no way any one knows anything other than the people who were around them during the time. I also think we don't know what happened on Thursday or Friday that led to Saturday. We just don't know.

So the think of this boy and this girl as you would your niece or nephew or little brother or sister. I hope his career isn't over. I hope she and he can work it out. I hope that picture wasn't her and was some photoshopped bullshit. I hope that he is working with his pastor as he stated. I hope. I hope. Hope is much better than gossip.

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  1. Finally!!! Some one with a clear perspective.