Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rainy Day Blues

I'm sick. My good friend brought me to the ER on a Sunday night. I swear Cedar Sinai is the new County. I waited for 3 hours for antibiotics. They did knock me out. But now I'm hallucinating and have insomnia. I can't help to think that part of that is because I'm crazy emotional. Maybe it's that time of the month, or maybe I work with an inconsiderate fuck who is spoiled and a total and complete douche. Yes, I am indeed premenstrual. Doesn't mean he still isn't a douche.
So i go to bed at 1040pm and I wake up at 1am. Then I stay up watching all of Season 1 Sex And The City , fell asleep, and then woke up in the dark thinking I saw a rat or mouse crawling under the television. Freaked me out. Turned on all of the lights, and started back with the SATC. I'm on Season 2 disc 1.

Does this infection make you hallucinate? I searched for mouse droppings, but I saw none, so I'm assuming these are the side affects.
I have tickets to Lykke Li tonight. I hope I feel good enough to go to Pomona. Being sick is a drag. I'm a workaholic and there's nothing to do, and I'm still in bed and....ugh. I'm so bored. I'm bored, sick, hallucinating, premenstrual and broken hearted. What a fricken mess.


  1. i wanted to say that i am very happy you are writing a blog. :D

    hope you are feeling better now. :)

  2. (((((( hug )))))))

    and chicken soup to my tina bow-binna