Monday, September 28, 2009

LIve and Direct from Brisbane

Twitter and Facebook are taking up my blog time. Turns out I have a short attention span just like the rest of America. Therefore, I update them regularly and play out my own blog. Damn the Man!

So I've arrived into Brisbane after a 7 hour flight and an impossible connection. Niggas was late as usual, and the plane waited 30 minutes for us, only to prove to niggas that they can be late again. Though I'm so glad they waited. I did not want to check into a hotel in Sydney, only to get back up again and go to another airport. Fuck.

The show was excellent in Singapore. I mean truly. My best homie from college was there, the Peas did a fantastic show, the set was designed to the ultimate hotness, AND I got to see Beyonce do a back bend to the floor and still blow. WTF? IT was a good night. Oh, and I woke up to a tongue in my ass. I'm not sure I ever want to leave Singapore. EVER.

But I did.

And now I'm in Brisbane. And went to a wack ass strip club, though "Bubbles" and "summer" did their best to entertain us. How come the club was empty and still we went into the VIP lounge? So gay. I brought niggas to the stage to tip them girls. They've been working so hard and it's a Monday night. Niggas man. I spent all of my per diem on them girls.

Now 2 black labels and a vodka and cranberry later, I'm in my bed at the hotel. I'll post photos tomorrow of the Singapore hotel. It was amazing this. This one is cute too. Cept everyone has washers and dryers and not me. Tha fuck? I thought this shit was a suite?

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