Sunday, September 20, 2009


So Osaka wasn't has fun as it was when I was here last. I just realized that I desperately need to learn Japanese. I cannot stand non communication. I communicate for a living. I micro manage for crying out loud! My phone doesn't work, the ethernet cord is too short to reach my bed, the desk is locked down, there aren't any good movies on tv. The day off was almost a living hell and to top it all off, I have cramps that are so ridiculous I want to slap my doctor! I mean, why in the hell did I have a surgery to remove these gotdamn fibroids when I have the worst cramps and a horrible flow any damn way. For real. Waste of a bikini line and I'll always have to have a c-section.

But I've gotten beyond myself. My visit with my uncle Troy was too short. Gosh I love him. But we always have such good ADULT conversations. After all, he's only 10 years older than me. But Ferg was sweet to them and Taboo, as always. He's so great.

In any event, now I have to figure out how to get through this day with a smile even though I'm in pain and have no 800mg ibuprofen which I am addicted to. I have these Japanese pain killers that are doing the trick but I'm not so convinced since they aren't the size of a golf ball.

I did have Shabu Shabu for the first time last night. No one spoke english. Menus had like 4 words on it for reference, and yet the lady next to me spoke a bit and taught us how to make it work. Ahh, human decency. Thank Jesus. That's why I always help foreigners. You have to pay it forward.

I don't even think they have an H&M here. Hmmph.

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  1. Did you like shabu shabu? We've been told by numerous people who have been to Japan that if we ever have the chance to try it, it's really yum. Was it? Sorry about the cramps. I can't imagine Troy haven't adult conversations. He's always got that silly grin on his face.