Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back from Euro promo

I cannot believe i didn't blog once. Corny. All of the emotional turmoil I went through on this trip and have the nerve not to at least cut and paste my emails. In my NYC hotel now. Saddened to leave Paris. I was doing four much at the VIp room paris. I love that they have juicy black girl hostesses. Same ones from Saint Tropez. Lovely Ladies. Fun. De la Soul, Pete Rock, CL Smooth, Lucien all showed up and Will absolutely MURDERED it. He knows I don't come often to his gigs. Lord knows I cannot take the new rage of techno. However, my feet from all of the dancing i did. Absolutely positively in pain. I had 3 boys there. Working the room. Too bad I could only think of the one who wasn't there. My goodness. But at least I have another baby daddy to add to my list of baby daddies. I can get started right away too. Live in Paris part time and get all that free healthcare goodness.

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