Monday, November 2, 2009


I have a plethora, not a small amount, damn near all of my friends, my family, most of the people I am around judge. Which leads me to believe what I think as being witty is probably judgment too. The fact that I may be more savvy with my words doesn't necessarily change the fact that it's judgment. Also, if I do happen to be right, it doesn't lessen my actions of judgment. It's very difficult. People love you and want the best for you and some how, when they are judging, it's not the obvious person or situation, but rather your own personal decision-making. That's what gets my goat.

I think life is about change. That's the only thing we're even doing here. You have to trust and allow people to change and grow from any given situation. I know I'm not as stupid as I was 10 years ago and am elated that I'm not as smart as I will be in the 10 years to come. I just think I better ease up off of the clowning and extra name calling.

Do unto others, Tina.
Do unto others.

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