Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Years Un-Resolutions....

I haven't worked, had sex nor surfed yet in 2010. And I'm okay with all of that.
I had a showdown at my house last evening....rather, a gang fight. Inglewood girls. Sheesh.
Problem was I had a nice, cute, young, slightly square white fellow who I was trying to get to know, when all of a sudden I got who-rided on by my inglewood friends. A fight ensued....weave hair throw everywhere. I knew I shouldn't have said I was cooking fried chicken on Facebook.

I've worked out the for the last day. I've wine-tasted. And now I'm sitting in my back yard drinking bloody mary's. The year has started off just fine. Proving only to get better. My new goal? To buy a small vineyard in the South of France with a few investor friends. I think it could happen. And the sooner I spread the word, the sooner the Universe will provide me with all the tools I need to drop a million Euros on my prime find. It will be close to the water, no doubt and in mountains. I'll probably still have to travel North to surf, which may be okay. Perhaps the vineyard will afford me the ability to buy a small cabin near Biarritz. Opportunity is limitless.

I love the New Year. I love getting hyped. I love starting anew or continuing to newer. it's a strange perspective I know. It's the only one I got.

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