Saturday, February 13, 2010

1st week Down

The E.N.D. Tour is here. And it is beyond large. It's pretty amazing. Atlanta was pretty easy and Miami became a circus. The circus normally happens when all of management and their huge egos come into play. I spend more time dealing with them and their needs than the actual artist. Then there's this man....this tiny dick little man who is driving me nuts. Literally trying me in every way that he can. He talks crazy...he talks like how you've been told white men talk but didn't really believe until you saw it for yourself. I'm talking the smell of sulfur when he leaves the room. The straight devil, Child. And it hasn't stopped. The light at the end of the tunnel was that he put his hands on the wrong opening act and got thunked. I should not relish in other people's misery but he's such a fucking dickhead. NOTORIOUS for being a it's on his license.
But what I'm re-learning, is to brush my shoulders off...and that lying fat sacks of shit dickheads reveal themselves everytime.

I also happened to meet Ron Conway and was able to take care of him enough to be noticed. He sold Google for 1.5billion dollars. Crazy scrillas. He thanked me by giving me 2 tickets to the Superbowl. Amazing. Ate and drank all day, bought a Superbowl blankie, went into the Super box where Lish and I were the only girls, and promptly slept through the first was the best nap i'd had all week!

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