Sunday, February 28, 2010

Men Are the Spoils of the Earth - they ruin everything

I really hate that this blog has being a center for mail bashing. But's so easy to do. I hate men. I hate their selfishness and their consistent need to break and shut people down without thought of anyone or anything else. They suck fucking balls and if really put under any type of stress where they have to use their brains and can't handle with their dicks, cave immediately. I'm getting this motherfucker jumped. I don't even care. I fucking hate them.

Speaking of jumped, our lovely wardrobe director for the boys got jumped by some men in who just love to hate in an elevator. Victim of a hate crime. If you ask me, all of the shit they do is about hate. Hate of women, hate of selves. Hate hate hate. "Taming of the Shrew" a little Shakespearean play I used to fancy until I manifested that shit is all about a nigga trying to break a bitch. Why would you want to break someone like a fucking dog. The same nigga who's been dogging me out for weeks wants to hug me all close and shit. You know what, don't do me no fucking favors. I don't need no hugs from none of you bitches. I need what you're good for, protection and security. But since my balls and bank account are bigger than most.....IM supposed break down? Fuck that shit. I'll have 5 baby daddies and keep it moving thank you.

Fuck a picket fence.

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