Thursday, May 13, 2010


I had a post and thought I'd saved it but alas it went away. I don't even know what it was about. Oh yes....our 12 hour whirlwind day off in Amsterdam. We show up to the train station to piles of trash. I figure, maybe it's a day off..."Bank Holiday" as they call it. However, as we trotted through the streets to Leidsplein square...there is trash and pigeons everywhere. It's more than a day off. It's a fricken strike! And can I just say that the Amsterdam Sanitation Department well made their point. GIVE THEM THE RAISE!! That shit was fucking disGUSTING.

So I did what any normal person would do....ducked into Rokery (my fave) got blitz then went to eat. After we ate the trash was still I did what any normal person would do....went to Rokery and got blitz.

Then we decided to see...some we went to the Heineken museum. Rushed through because the gift of 2 beers was being taunted at the end. They have a brewery ride! It was the most over produced fabulous thing I'd ever seen. Somewhere between a museum and an amusement park. I wasn't mad. How could I have been. I had just visited Rokerty.

THEN we philosiphised about going to the casino, jam session or sex we did what any normal group would do...we split the fuck up. I can't be bothered with everyone's happiness. Stopped at the Jam Session. Turns out, no one told anyone in the Netherlands that Neo-Soul had died. we did what any normal person would do with 2 hours left....YUP...went to the Red Light District to get up on some Moulin Rouge. And would you BELIEVE, all that running around and we missed the Banana in the tail pipe.

So we had to settle for the big broad with the pearls. 4 pearls. HA! I can do that in my sleep. At least we got free drinks....

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