Sunday, May 23, 2010

When I have MY 40th......

C put on a great party.

But moreover, she got herself out of a situation, saw the light at the end of the tunnel and pursued her dreams. C was first personal assistant and then day to day to one of the greatest largest crossover rappers in the world. Right about the time I was balking and whining about being "stuck" on the road --- and believe me, as any job it too becomes a rut, she was doing the same thing. When you have someone's world in your computer, a raw nigga wouldn't even let you have a boyfriend. My boss looks niggas up and down every SINGLE time I bring one around. Kind of endearing like a brother, yet mostly annoying like a nigga who ain't tryna fuck still cock blocking. In any event, I see her from time to time as we all do...women in music. in our 30's. Bound to our jobs with no husband and no kids yet what's the alternative? We have a HELL of a job....

And I see her yesterday. She produced Naomi Cambells 40th birthday. Purple and white striped zebras, purple panthers....and you know why...or maybe yawl don't? We were the surprise guest. Yet the BIGGEST surprise? 62 year old Grace Jones popping out of a cake on stage. Bigger than that? She ripped off her cape/robe and revealed her 62 year old body in white body paint. TITS AND ASS TITS AND ASS TITS AND ASS....
Yes I cried.

She is EVERYTHING. Even Will and Apl were beyond excited for us to meet. It was a quick meeting. Much quicker than mine and G. Butler but that's another story....a new goal. I got time on that one.

She was amazing. Naomi looked amazing. J lo and Marc Anthony partied. Peas brought everyone on stage. Mary J danced with Jimmy Iovine and all to the back drop of purple panthers and purple and white striped zebras.

C! I need you to throw my 40th!!! THis was such a night to remember..


  1. I can feel it all the way over here :-) Wow! Grace Jones popping out of a cake takes it to a whole natha level lol For sure! :-)

    LOL Awesome!

  2. thx god you share! Sir Andre Leon Talley was present...?!? whoa...