Saturday, May 15, 2010


Just when I thought I couldn't love Berlin more, I go to Liquidroom. It is a co-ed spa. And when I say co-ed, I mean down to the dressing room. No before you get excited, there are cameras everywhere and it was closed down for a few years. I think all of the water and nakedness became a haven for disease...and I see how. The first thing you even think about is getting it in. I mean. It is too sexy. Steam rooms and 2 dry heat saunas. the giant pool under the dome is the masterpiece. It's a salt filled pool so that you may float. Bathing attire must be worn into all pools. This one services about 50 people and a harpist plays at some point during the day. Complete and utter relaxation. There is also a point where you can go into the sauna and get pretty much all hot air blown at you, then take natural Mortons. Table kind. nothing difficult and everyone goes into the shower and scrubs themselves...others will help for those hard to reach spots. then you go back into the sauna to get more heat thrown at you....which burns, and then you rinse off....and revealed is the yummiest skin ever. Follow that up with some honey in a steam bath and are HOT child! HOT! And this includes co-ed nakedness.

Why have never seen more saggy balls and over-skinned peni in all of my days. Circumcision be damned over off up in here! Let me tell you. And the coup d'etat? A bar. They serve processco...or wine. And you can order food. in the buff. I wish the US could be so progressive.

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