Friday, December 3, 2010

Bad Habits - Hov remix London

I saved a life tonight. It's snowing in London and they do not know how to handle it. Like LA after a rain. Me and my boy taking the Tube, pop out at the hotel....there's a woman lying on the ground next to snowplow machines parked on the round about. There's no sidewalk. She's in the street. There's a woman with her . Neither speaks English. She asks if we speak Spanish. As I answer in Spanish, my boy speaks to her in Arabic....cause my boy speak Arabic and shit.....She responds....2 Americans come by, I ask them what's 911 in London....they tell me "999: then proceed...with my boy, to pick her up and move her in between the snow plows. I waved a police officer down whilst (heh) speaking to the 999 operator and we described the scene to send an ambulance.

We then skipped to the hotel, very proud of ourselves only to find some guy trying to buy our car. Our bodyguard was like...Sir, this is our car...he's all "I'm not talking to you...I'm taking to the driver...I have the president of Marks and Spencer, we can buy this car...blah blah blah Imperialistic blahzay". Then called our bodyguard a dick and put his hands on him. I've never seen a man travel so far after being pushed. The ground was icy and slippery too so I suppose that added to the dramatics. But it was great. I thought we were gonna fight!!!

then hotel bar...the to Apres where Poet rocked the ....serrato? I dunno. Can't say turntable but he and Ammo turned it out. And now I'm back to my room at 4am having poetic conversations in French and listening to Maxwell. London is giving FACE! Where? How? Did I get in here. I gotta go to bed!

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