Friday, December 17, 2010


I'm this overpriced room and a fly has found himself in my room. I want to choke him. I won't be able to sleep with him landing on me every 15 seconds. And I MUST sleep after that horrifying colonic....Jesus....Lord Jesus....I have to call him! I guess the first part is pain and then I should feel better later....but my goodness....I'm an exhausted mess. It didn't help that they were playing Sara McLachlans fucking Christmas album over the speakers. Seriously? I'm going to make them play Adele tomorrow I swear. I mean seriously. Do I really want to hear all of that? I'm focusing on not jumping off of the table and running full speed...anywhere. What possess someone to do THAT job? I mean, God bless her for doing it...she's a Saint. I'm literally full of shit and she's helping me exercise the demons! Amazing. What WILL they think of next? Doesn't help that I cried like a little beeyatch neither...but oh well. Sometimes when you purge yourself it hurts!

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