Monday, December 6, 2010


It was great! I was annoyed, and I confronted my boo, and we talked about it...and it wasn't dramatic and he didn't go away afterwards. It was cool. He still assured me and made me feel comfortable and acknowledged all the creepy weirdo shit that I feel makes me "weak". Crazy. So people do this, huh? Like one of the girls couldn't go out yet cuz she was "skyping" her man. So, like, I guess you have to be in contact and say cutesy things to each other to have this whole relationship thing, yes? Staying in touch is key....aha!

And then, when every single ho...and I do mean every single ho -- girls AND Lady Boys --- hollered, he made sure to push them off or introduce me and everything. That's awesome. Effort, ya know. People who put in effort. What a world this could be if only the whole world rolled like this.

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