Wednesday, August 24, 2011

stepping my dick up

So I was asked on a recent date "what are your intentions?" My response..."that's my line". Oddly enough, I still could not formulate what my intentions were. All of this talking and bullshitting. All of these journals I've come across in storage, combing through boxes and boxes of old settlement sheets Roots passport photos and Murs marketing packages, I've found a slew of journals discussing lost loves and heartaches and what would I do if I found love and if I even knew what it looked like.

The result?

I'm a coward. No wonder guys don't know if I like them. I can't even formulate an answer to a question I already knew the answer to!!! But "cool Girl" jumped out...and I am...again. Dummy.

So it's step my dick up. Stop being a bitch ass cowardly lion and roar.

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