Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Road to Hell

The road to hell is so very wide and long. So much compromise. When your brain is focused on money making only and not an ounce of compassion, the shit you do is amazing. I became an eggshell walking, angry, reactionary evil bitch. What's new about that you may ask? I was extremely unhappy. At least you can count on me to be a goofball. But I had no goof left. And so, I walked.

After walking, the reaction to my walking was Goldy worthy. Niggas had to pimp slap a bitch...that's what you do you know, when bitches don't mind. You pimp slap them and leave them in the street. Painful, yes. But what did I expect. Intelligence vs drive and luck. Who's going to win? I'd like to resort to the idea that maybe I'm just not that into this. Maybe I'm not cut our for management? BUt really, I'm just old and have a whole let tolerance for dumb ass bullshit. I'm proud to be back to real music again.

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