Friday, July 20, 2012

And it's a Wrap

The last day...the sunniest....the best show....I even got on my hands and knees for him to do Untitled yawl but they pulled the plug on us.  We were ROCKING!  Not a better way to end a better than I know.  And we are smooth.  All of the wardrobe is together, the receipts are finished.  I've been in this hotel room all of 3 hours.  I've repacked, showered and had a cup of tea.  Lobby call is in 22 minutes and the first leg of my flight leaves in 3 hours.  yes...I am on my way home.  Gonna see the pup, the other pup and maybe fry some fish. I dunno.  I have a nail appointment at 5pm when I land.  I flicked off all of my Tiffany Blue gel polish.  Turns out...and this I forgot....the man don't like color finger nail polish.  And you'd he's singing on stage, he's playing the piano, he's strumming his guitar.  He ain't got time to worry about my colored nail he?  Rox told me though....funny.  So I changed it and fronted him about me changing it.

What else?  I dunno.  Too much child.  I have a filming fire under my ass now though.  I made trailers of the trip.  I planned a scavenger hunt for my boys birthday, i created a travel book.  I had a truly productive two weeks out here.  And now I'm headed home.

Can't wait til I land!

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