Thursday, July 26, 2012


I don't think there is anything greater and more moving than support.  I think I've changed my mind about the whole love is greatest.  Sometimes love is not enough.  There are clear signs of many of my friends divorcing and/or having difficulties in their marriages....women are bouncing like a mu'uh fucker.  So love...yeah...I get it.  But I think support is so major.  I'm excited to pieces that my BFF is moving to LA.  Just the fire I needed to motivate me.  Even the biggest cheerleader needs a cheerleader.  In fact....maybe more than others since we're always expected to be a cheerleader.

I love cheerleading.  I was a songster though.  You know, the black girls who danced better than they did high kicks or back flips?  Yeah.  Me. Connie Mockenhaupt, a fiery 50 something red head who wore leotards in memory of a former body shape and her tits to her chin, was our cheer coordinator.  She said my arms weren't straight enough to be a cheerleader.  I told her she was racist.  I dunno. I was probably wrong.  I'm not that coordinated.

Bottom line is....I'm gonna be producing and managing my ass off.  And I can't wait to get this party started.....what a way to start my birthday season off!

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  1. We hope you have some great success. The D'Angelo tour has got to be an amazing experience in itself. I am truly inspired by you. Yes. A middle aged married white guy is inspired by you. I love that you put it all aside to follow your passion and I can definitely appreciate you speaking your mind in a no-holds-barred "whatever comes out of your mouth". Hope to meet you when you come to ATL at the end of August.

    Mr. Christopher