Thursday, July 12, 2012


I was mad.
We were late.  Yes yes technical difficulties.  Hiring and firing.  Horrible hotels and moving whole groups ....taking 4 hours in total.  Misunderstandings with travel agents who's ass I'm forced to kiss.  Fucking Cologne sucked.  And so I took a nap.  DURING the show.  Like a pouting 8 year old.  Anyone who walked in the dressing room I just frowned, grumbled.  So passed out was I...until I heard a sound I rarely here....JK's falsetto "send it off, send a clueeeeeee....".  Tonights show was a regular show.  NO festival times.  No quick ins and outs.  Were they doing a full set?  I rolled over not impressed...still upset from the late sound check...but then.....the full harmonies of "Lady" woke me up and I had to go.  I truly had to go upstairs.  Wiped the eye boogers, ran to the side of the stage, and as if I'd never been asleep, partied with the background vocals - dance steps and all.  D put on a full show.  Everything we've all wanted to hear...including the Brown Sugar encore.  Praise Jesus!  I didn't even need drugs to get that high!  So happy that the power of music still has.....well, power.

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  1. So much power in music. I'm glad everything worked out in the end :).