Monday, April 20, 2009


So, I'm having this procedure and my gynecologist is also the surgeon. He's super fine. Always has been.
I ask him why he became a gynecologist. Like...what is it that just draws you to...ya know.....he said his father is a gyno and he doesn't know, he's just into uteruses.....(uteri?). Weirdo. But he's single and 37 and uber fine. What if I started dating my doctor? He does surf, so you never know. But someone should write a movie about that....wait, I may have said far too much.

My wonderful home boy and I had an ICHAT convo regarding my procedure this week. Oh single independent woman......

HIM: your date still the 23rd?
ME: yessir, yessir
HIM: nice
ME: very nice
HIM: you're gonna be fine and feel so much better
ME: i can't wait, really I can't. It's 99 degrees here literally

HIM: crazy, wow. thats crazy. Its like monsoon season here

ME: I should have surfed today. went yesterday and I sucked. today sucks too. I don't know why Im trying to do everything in one second like I'm never going to do anything else again. Maybe I'm freaked out about having to be still.

HIM: its natural
ME: My doctor and another friend of mine tell me i have to move to feel better

HIM: And you'll be still for less time than you think

ME: exactly, then i'm ready for my life to be different
HIM: Of course, thats the point. You haven't slowed down in a long time. Now when you start up again you can actually point your self in the direction you wanna go.

ME: So scary. I'm still in planning mode
HIM: ha
ME: How will i have a kid and support it if i can't be on the road

HIM: No, you're just where you're supposed to be

ME: I met a boy who made me think a bit differently about the whole surrogate daddy thing

HIM: how so?

ME: Then spoke with a girlfriend who's adamant about going to a sperm bank. He's a super dad and is primary caretaker of his kids and he's TOTALLY a sacrificer for his family. TOTALLY. Like those supposedly really great characteristics?
and he lives in hawaii
He never wants to go on the road and just wants his family to be proud of him

HIM: wow, cool
ME: And was truly concerned and strongly voiced his opinion about how I shouldn't let my child be raised without it's father
HIM: that sounds like a guy who really loves his family and knows himself
ME: yeah yeah, right. And I have no clue who i am cuz I'm planning my life away. plan plan plan plan plan. blah blah blah
HIM: heheheh
ME: like, planning not to have a daddy around who i'm in love with, planning to have a tour bus with a nursery, planning to do everything by myself

HIM: that sucks. let go
ME: of?

HIM: your pre-conceived notions of what is possible
ME: ok i will

HIM: I'm trying to do the same. I think its a right of passage
ME: i thought we went through this in the early 30's already
HIM: ha, this is like the transition from Sophomore to Junior year
ME: well fuck me. I have senioritis
HIM: don't we all

In other news, I found this website

What is this fantastic website? It's amazing. That lemonade frozen whipped delight thing will fast become my summer favorite.


  1. ha! your ob is probably gay.... the ob [a family friend] i saw in newport was gay and none of his patients had a clue. they were slipping him $500 thank yous for nothing. hahaha..

  2. Damnit! That would be wack. He's so fine.