Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I am so sorry for lagging. I have had many exciting adventures that I wanted to blog about but didn't.

Quickly - First Black Eyed Peas show during miami Winter Music Conference. It was bananas. First time seeing old flame. Fuck head. Sitll a fucking douche. Hung out with my beautiful Venezuelan friend who played the perfect quasi-boyfriend. To a T. I need to hire him for outings more often. Great arm candy and smart to boot? Love him. Hung out at Diddy's mansion on star island with the fantastic Miss dream hampton. Fucked a 23 year old cutey patootey....and then made it to Vegas for the Weezy show. I was loving life for 60 hours. LOVING IT.

Lost a mint in Vegas. Fucking Vegas. Fuck Vegas. I hate Vegas.

Got home and all my friends got great seats in LA for a crazy ass LA concert. Jesus, tickets in LA are a beast. A BEAST I tell you. Your whole day is consumed with it. It's amazing. My best home boy brought his "girl". The one who rewards him for his bad behavior -- his quote. Asshole. Love him to death.

Then....went and did a show in hometown, Sacramento. Awesome. Saw my old cheerleader homies. It's amazing how many people become building security guards, right? They are usually fat too. I dunno, just something I noticed.

I got a day home with the grandparents and mommy... my grandma and grandpa love to fuss at each other. They are so funny. I love them.

Then, I played hookie from the Portland show and went straight to Honolulu.
Oh Honolulu. My honoluluan picked me up and it was on and POPPIN. DAMN my surfing got better. I mean, Waikiki has slow rolling waves. Anyone can stand up on them. But it felt good after all the trials in Cali on the cold ass water to have my ass out in warm water standing up. I need to bend my legs better. But whatthefuckever! I can surf! I can surf!

And the hanging out with the I have never met a more promising man in all of my life. But I can't get into all that....just know that if a nigga comes at you talking about "sacrifice", that's the mothafucka to be down with. Whew. I was so depressed when I left Honolulu, I did what any good independent woman does....I started a fight, cursed him out and broke up with him.

Ahhhhh, some things never change.......

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