Sunday, April 12, 2009

How NOT to fuck a B Boy

Funny thing about these youngins, and as I've said before, Cougars are made, is that they are persistent little fucks. Just when you clear one "end of the tour" fling with a modest kiss, you go to the next tour and it's the "last show" there too. Mix up the White House and possible Obama sightings, a hot ex who it's better not to fuck, another ex who's a douche bag, and a few bowling games and you've got the perfect scenario to go ahead and get with the 27 year old who's pined after you for so long. Like a reward for holding out. Okay, maybe I'm just pmsing and looking for any reason to get laid. He is cute, but I mean, i've already fucked one person on this particular tour...and while it was a "thing" (or so I thought) and this one wouldn't be, it just seems too risky. Too risky to what? Whom? no one. My psyche and the possibility that tomorrow morning he looks at me weird and I'll have to slap the dogshit out of him on the White House lawn.
Let me resort to my fail safe... Pornhub. That way I can shake the alcohol and the exes all in in one.

New boy doesn't have a chance.


  1. Girl, I so feel you. LOL this is the best one yet!!!

  2. Pornhub sucks!!