Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dick Fiend

In the urban dictionary, it reads that a "dick fiend" is a girl who can't see, get, suck or fuck enough dicks. I had to think about that before I labeled this blog. I've been in sexy ass France for 3 weeks ending it in the MOST sexy of sexy towns...well, let me rephrase. This town is so fucking obnoxious it makes Miami look like Disneyland. And as much as I love France, i too know that these motherfuckers are full of shit. Trust. I could be blinded by the wine, but for what. They ain't shit no more than the average fucker on Rodeo drive. However, St. Tropez is still sexy as a muthafucka. Not to mention I've been staying in a small village on a hill called Ramatuelle and THAT shit was beyond sexy. And now i'm in a hotel, L'ermitage. All old and classic and in the French spirit, but it isn't complete yet. "Andre" designed the rooms and it's going to be beautiful. GOING to be. But they are under crazy construction and there are about 3 people in this hotel with everyone running around helping us. Hand and foot. So as I sit on the terrasse on the side of the hill overlooking the port of St. Tropez and listening to the Ipod and Ipod Bose speakers I provided for the bar, I'm wondering this (a la Sarah Jessica Parker).

Is it possible to get some dick BEFORE I leave on Tuesday?

(And yes I had some in Paris, but that was WEEK(S) ago!)

So yeah, St. Tropez, in all of your inflated glory, what's up with the dick?

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